Will not ship major items. Will not export any item.

Will take in trade on any item listed, whole or part, at the rate of $100.00 per board foot: Brazilian Rosewood, air dried >10 years, defect free, quarter sawn, 28/4" or greater width, 24" or longer length, 2/4 - 16/4 thicknesses. Might take some good Maple.

Attenuator: Composite, built in Aluminum box using resistors and toggle switches, works well at low frequencies.

Cameras: Largan, five of them. I'm sorry that I bought these cameras. If you buy them you'll be sorry too. For the lot.

Color Alignment Generator: Heathkit, worked the last time I used it. Needs a line cord. Makes a pattern on screen to align guns by.

Desolder Station: SuperTech 999SD, Vacuum pump desoldering, separate soldering wand, separate temperature controls, works well, high maint.

Deviation Meter: ARF AR-1B, seldom used but when you gotta have it you gotta have it.

Distortion Meter: Heathkit. I ran many a broadcast proof with it and made a good dollar. A little fussy.

Fault Finder: Runway Lighting, may be patentable. Will narrow faults in a runway lighting circuit to two fixtures. Works when RF finders fail. (Includes design quitclaim.)

Field Intensity Meter: FM, Potomic Instruments, wants a Battery Box and calibration.

Frequency Counter: Composite, oddly built, used mostly to tune Low Freq Receiver.

Geiger Counter: ANPDR-27, good shape, rugged, with steel case, internal boost power supply uses D cells.

Geiger Counter: ANPDR-27, good shape, rugged, with steel case, uses odd batteries.

Geiger Counter: Accumulation, Large Tube, Beta Gamma, counts individual events over a selected period of time, (minute/hour/day) can detect 1% change in Background Radiation. LED readout. Internal or external power.

Geiger Counter: Accumulation, Small Tube, catches about 1/4 of the events as the Large Tube Counter. Internal power only, meter and LCD readout, audio. Time externally.

Geiger Counter: PRI 117B. Scintilation Counter is the proper name, uses a Crystal and Photo Tube. Six ranges, .025 - 5 MR/HR. Meter readout only. Leather carrying case.

ILS Course Calibrator: A "boat anchor" that you sometimes just have to have.

ILS: MK-1 Localizer, MK-1 Glide Slope. Draws only, no cabinets, D/U for V-Ring Antennas but no Antennas, only one power supply. Good for "chassis swap" trouble shooting. Working when removed from service. Manuals.

Line Locator: Low Freq, Induction, finds live underground lines without need of transmitter. (Price includes design quitclaim.)

Megger: Composite, built in case that once housed a different instrument, uses 9 Volt Battery. Not certified, includes 220 meg resistor.

Megger: Old Coffee Grinder type, cracked case, ruined meter, good for parts.

Multimeter: B&K, Handheld, barely used. Burned up my old meter about a month before retirement and had to get this one to finish out.

Multimeter: Bench, Fluke 8010M, well used, still solid.

Multimeter: Bench, Tripplet 801, D'Arsonaval, probably the best VOM ever built.

Multimeter: Bench, Heathkit, D'Arsonaval, FET, big rascal, probably the worst VOM ever built.

Organ: 3 manual, AGO pedals. Was the console to a pipe organ. I started converting it to a self contained electronic organ years ago. Had it playing several times, never satisfied, tore out and started over. Now has one playing rank. Price includes diagrams for completing project.

Oscilloscope: Tek 317, buy this is you just want to be able to say you own an oscilloscope.

Plotter: Single pen type, makes C or D size, good images but slow as the itch. If your CAD program has a Houston Instruments Driver it will run this plotter. DOS or Windows. A few pens included.

R.F. Bridge: Sensitive, General Radio, more trouble to operate than an operating bridge but worth it when you need it. Hernia maker.

Radio Receiver: Composite, Low Frequency, Hetrodyne, super sensitive, 10 c/s 3dB bandwidth.

Remote Retransmission System: Halcyon, bought it surplus, never used it, can't imagine why you would want it.

Service Monitor: Motorola, for transciever servicing. If you have need of this instrument you probably know more about it than I do.

Signal Generator: HP 608D, the old reliable.

Signal Generator: Heathkit, as sorry an instrument as could bear the name.

Signal Generator: SHF, uses a klystron. Another item I never made productive use of.

Spectrum Analyser: Systron Donner 809, a real jewel but heavy.

Vector Voltmeter: PRD2020, if you don't know the difference in a vector voltmeter and a regular voltmeter you can probably get by without it.


Antique Vacuum tubes: 100TH, 100TL, 250TH, and the like. Tell me what you need and I'll let you know if I have it.

Microfisch Reader: Works. Don't know if I spelled it right.

Tape Recorder: Ampex 601. Near perfect condition. Less than 100 hours use since extensive overhaul. Includes manual.

Tape Recorder: Ampex 601. Was working well when rewind belt broke. No case lid. No manual.

Movie Projector: 16 mm, self contained sound, ran well last time I used it.

Movie Projector: 16 mm, self contained sound, didn't run well last time I tried it. Good for parts, free if you buy the good one.

Hammond B2 Organ: This organ don't need nuthin' but playin' but lower back pain keeps me from it. It is a good solid instrument. Everything works. Original TUBE TYPE pre-amplifier. Power Amplifier is not only Tubes but TRIODE OUTPUT TUBES. Speakers are Permanent Magnet. New Run Motor. A few scratches here and there but finish on both Console and Tone Cabinet is original.

Fine everyday musical instrument and worthwhile investment.

Sell for $17,500.00 or trade for Mercedes Diesel or Rolls Royce of equal value.

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