Mythias immigrated to Charleston from County Mayo, Ireland near the beginning of the
Revolutionary War. He had heard that it was legal to kill Englishmen there. To that end
he enlisted with Francis Marion,(aka The Swamp Fox),and did his share.

A Mathias Raley is listed in the Fairfax County, VA 1790 census. I don't know if he is Mythias.


Vince, son of Mythias, left Charleston one dark night on Mythias'es best mare, one step ahead
of the fathers of two desperate women. He never came back but settled in Pennsylvania.
He hauled freight between between there and the North Carolina mountains.

No other children of Mythias are known to me.


Matthias, son of Vince, moved from Union County, Tennessee to Dekalb County, Alabama. Too
old to be drafted he stayed out of the War Between the States until the Republicans began
robbing homesteads, raping women and shooting at children.
Ever versatile and resilient he applied for a Confederate pension three years after burial.


David, son of Matthias, was nine years old when he and his sister Almedia were shot at
repeatedly by Republican soldiers. The children managed to get to the woods, where the
brave Union soldiers, fearing ambush, wouldn't follow. David never cared for Republicans
after that. In 1932, at the age of 76, he walked over 40 miles to vote for Roosevelt.


Jesse, son of David, wound up in Gadsden working in the Rod Mill of the Steel Plant.
Wrote core chapters of Rising Fawn and Noccalula.

J. C.

J. C. , son of Jesse, born on the 40 yard line of the Valley Head, Alabama football field.
Locomotive Craneman. Served in 3rd Army in Germany. Wrote My Appalachia and the Long Haul.

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