The Best Spaghetti and Cheese on Earth

David M. Raley

Bear in mind that with recipes in general and this one in particular it is important to mix the ingredients in the order called for. Cooking is just chemistry and some things act as catalysts or inhibitors. Also like chemistry it is better to use the exact materials the first time you build and save the experiments for the future.

You need:

A stove with an oven

A large baking dish. Pyrex preferred

A large stewer

A small stewer

A glass or metal mixing bowl

a colander

a measuring cup

various cutlery and containers

A tablespoon of SALT in two quarts water

1/2 pound of Mueller's thin SPAGHETTI

1/4 cup (1/2 stick) of BUTTER

1/2 pound (12 slices) of sliced American CHEESE

1 teaspoon of SALT

1/8 teaspoon of PEPPER


3 cups of MILK

Set the oven to 350 degrees.

Put the water on to boil. Put the BUTTER in the large baking dish and put in oven to melt. When the water comes to a heavy boil, add the SPAGHETTI slowly while stiring and reduce heat enough to keep it from boiling over. You will have to adjust the heat several times. Let boil for about three times as long as the SPAGHETTI package says. Check on the BUTTER from time to time; take it out of the oven when about 2/3 of it has melted and stir it all together. Heat the MILK until it smokes but do not boil; take off the fire and let cool slightly. Peel the plastic off the CHEESE slices.

Beat the EGGS in a cup. Mix in the teaspoon of SALT and the PEPPER.

Drain the SPAGHETTI and put it in the mixing bowl. Pour most of the melted BUTTER in with it and stir until the SPAGHETTI picks up nearly all the BUTTER.

Put about a third of the buttered SPAGHETTI into the baking dish and spread it out in a thin layer. Cover the layer with slices of CHEESE. Put on another layer of SPAGHETTI. Cover the layer with slices of CHEESE. Spread the rest of the SPAGHETTI on top of the CHEESE.

Stir the EGGS into the MILK and pour the mixture over the SPAGHETTI and CHEESE. Put in the oven for 50 minutes. It is normal for the corners to be almost burned when done.

Let cool for half an hour before cutting into squares. This Spaghetti and Cheese is good hot or cold and is also good reheated. To reheat in the microwave: cover with a paper towel and give it three 30 second jolts with five minutes between times.

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