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1 Stick of Butter,

1 Cup of Self Rising Flour, (An extra teaspoon of Baking Powder can be added if you like a fluffier crust)

2 Cups of Sugar,

3 cups of fresh Fruit, Peaches, tart Cherries, and Blackberries work well; Apples so-so.

OR: In the case of Cherries:

2 cans, Tart in water only, not Cherry Pie Filling or Cherries in Syrup.


1. Stir a cup of Sugar into the Fruit and heat it in the Microwave for one minute and after it sets for five minutes stir and give it another minute; repeat three more times.

2. Put a whole stick of Butter in a large Pyrex pan in the Oven at 200 degrees.

3. While the Butter is melting and the Fruit is absorbing its Sugar sift one cup of flour with one cup of sugar at least twice.

4. Pour 1/4 cup of the Milk into the Flour mix and knead into a ball leaving no dry spots. Let it sit for ten minutes or until the Butter and Fruit are ready, whichever is the longest time.

5. Pour in the rest of the Milk and stir until there are no lumps.

6. Pour in the Butter leaving just the amount that wants to stay in the pan in the pan.

7. Stir until the Butter is completely absorbed into the Batter.

8. Pour the Fruit into the Batter and mix; but not a lot because the Batter will have already started to work.

9. Pour the Batter into the pan. Distribute the Fruit if need be but don't take all day doing it.

10. Bake at 400 degrees in pre-heated oven. Check after 45 minutes. If top of Crust is light brown it is done.

It is as important to follow the proceedure, both method and order of steps, as it is to have the proper ingredients. Cooking is, after all, only a specialized form of chemistry. Many unsatisfactory results can be traced to unwanted chemical reactions.


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